Nov 1, 2013

Halloween Treats

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween.
Now, I know this post is one day too late, but
I have a really good excuse.
Collin's Halloween Party at
his school is today, as in the day after
Halloween, so in reality, this post it
right on time.
Score for me!
Collin's Special Services class celebrate
all holidays, and I am honored
to always send treats.
So...what went to school with him this morning?
Butterfinger Eye Balls!
They are crazy easy, really yummy, and super gross looking!
You can find the recipe Here
I did use Royal Icing eyeballs instead of raisin, because
well, I wanted to.
I also made some chocolate covered pretzels.
I dipped mini pretzel rods in Bright Green
Wilton Candy Melts, then Collin added lots
of mini royal icing eyes!
And...since I am the official "Cookie Lady" of the
class, I sent cookies too!
These the kids can paint, for an activity, and then
eat them as a treat!  Win Win!
I made these cookies using the great tutorial
from Montreal Confections found Here,
If you follow me on Facebook, you know that
I had a very hard time finding Collin's
Halloween Costume this year.
It was sold out online, and only available in local
store, and all my stores were sold out.
So I did what every blogger does,
I asked on my Facebook Page for help!
And, my dear friend Teresa, who is a co-worker,
found one in Huntsville Alabama.
Great, but  I am in Central Missouri!
No problem, Teresa called her nephew, who lives
near Huntsville, he went and got it, and he
shipped it to me.
WOW!  Thank you Teresa, and her nephew.
Collin loved it!
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  1. Great post Kim! I really love the addition of the eyes to the pretzel rods.


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