Aug 31, 2015

Stenciled Birthday Cookies

If you have followed my "cookie journey" for any time at know that I am all about the SIMPLE fact my motto is "KISS - Keep it Simple Stupid"  While I love me a beautifully decorated cookies, and sometimes I crave the challenge of spending hours on a cookie set, sometimes, I just want to KISS it and be done with it.  

Not that these cookies are any less important...or that any less love went into them, it is just that when you are making cookies to feed a crowd at a party, or the customer is looking to have cookies, but keep the cost down...KISS cookies are the way to go.

Thankfully, by best friend designs and sells stencils for KISSING these cookies we super duper easy!

These Stenciled Birthday Cookies could not be easier!

Stenciled Birthday Cookies
Balloon cookies stenciled with Pearl Sheen and THIS Stencil! 

Stenciled Birthday Cookies

Cupcake Cookies with the "wrapper" stenciled with the same Stencil!

Stenciled Birthday Cookies
Balloons and Stencils Togeteher

Stenciled Birthday Cookies

Melissa even makes "word" stencils so that I did not have to
write "Happy Birthday" on the cookie.....WIN!
*I don't see the stencil I used listed in her shop yet, but keep looking
it will be there soon*

If you are a cookie decorator...please check out Melissa's Etsy Shop...she has lots of unique and fun designs...and her quality is second to none!
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