Oct 20, 2013

Pieces of my Puzzle 10-20-13

Welcome back to another edition of

 So...let's just jump right in shall we....Martha Stewart...WHAT THE HECK?  Filter lady...try a filter!

If you have not heard...she got all snotty and thew some shade at bloggers.

You can read all about it Here.  To sum it up, she basically said that bloggers are no bodies, not experts, and steal recopies from REAL editors.

Really?  Ok...whatever!  That is real classy Martha...done with you...BLOOP!

I do know that she issued an apology, but I get the feeling that it was something that her handlers or publicists, 
forced advised her to do.  While I think that everyone is allowed their own opinion, that is what makes America great, I also think that when you are in the public's eye, you have to choose your words wisely, and think about what you say.

I friend of mine pointed out this amazing blog post titled   Keep Calm and Ignore Martha  at
Juggling Act Mama,  I encourage you to read it, she also is providing a link party to link up your blog.

So...what do you think...is this a big deal? Do you care?

Ok...Pop Culture.

As a total shock to the world...Bruce and Kris Jenner are separated...WOW...what a big suprise...NOT
I am so over her and her constant need to be in the media's eye.  If you watch their reality show, you know that they don't have a real marriage, that they are just KEEPING UP THE APPEARANCE of a marriage, because that is all she cares about.  Now...what I don't like is that when a marriage or relationship crumbles and fails, this family feels the need to spin it to what they think is their favor, they did it with poor Kris Humphries, they are starting on Lamar Odom....and if they even try to do it with Bruce, well..that is just sad.

Tonight we finally see the end of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, after a season that was filled with the same Teresa vs. Melissa crap we saw for the last two seasons, an incredibly boring two part reunion, and two weeks of "Lost Footage" I am happy to see a shake up in the works.  Looks like Carolyn and Jacqueline are out for next season, and new people are coming in.  Thankfully Kim D and Penny will not be new housewives.  Carolyn is shooting a new show for Bravo, Manzo'd with Children, and I look forward to that.  Jacqueline, well, I am glad she is stepping away to focus on Nick, her Autistic Son.  As a parent of an autistic son, I know how important it is to focus all your attention on that child, now...I hope she stays off of Twitter.

The new seasons of Atlanta Housewives and Beverly Hills Housewives will be starting soon, and I am excited, these are my two favorite shows in the franchise.  Have you seen the trailers...OMG...fights, tears, drams galore!  WOOT WOOT!

American Horror Story....Second episode just as great as the first.  I am shocked at how much I am loving this show.  Honestly, it was soo good this week, that I was shocked that it was so short, I mean, it was over, and I had not even realized that I had sat there an hour watching it.  Can not wait for next week.

Ok...am I the only one that is totally in love with Lee and Morty Kaufman featured in the Swiffer commercials?


You can read a cute interview they did Here.  I am totally smitten with them  

"Morty, are you watching?"  then cut to a scene Morty sleeping in a chair.  I laugh every time.

SO...that happened on my blog this week 

Read all about the cake Here

Loved these....see them Here
We got a package in the mail yesterday from the amazing Stephanie from Ellie's Bites Decorated Cookies.  I had won a giveaway on her blog...she sent the cutters I won, which I will not show, because I have plans to bake with them soon, and want to save the reveal for a blog post, but in the box was a surprise for Collin.
He had seen these amazing Harry Potter cookies on Facebook and flipped out.  So when he saw it, he was all smiles. Thank you Stephanie...you made his day!



  1. I say we have a "Cookie-off" and put some of Martha's cookies against some of our cookie community members! Martha wouldn't stand a chance!! Yes, BLOOP!

    The Kardashians? Bleccchh. They're a hot mess.

    RHONJ another hot mess. They need extended therapy in that family. Daily. I'm sad to see Caroline go, she's the only voice of reason in the whole bunch. I can see why she'd want to bail.

    I looooove the Kaufmans! I want to adopt them! I don't have grandparents left so maybe I'll write them a sob story letter and ask them to be mine. I wonder if they're a real couple. I'd like to think so.

    I won Stephanie's cookies in the OK auction and I can't WAIT to see what I get!

    Thanks for a great post Kim!!

  2. I really enjoy the Swiffer commercials with Lee and Morty Kaufman! they are so cute!
    Your recipes sound delicious! pinning to save them!

  3. Did your email change? I'm trying to send you pics of my latest cookies but it keeps getting returned as Undeliverable. Weird!


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