Oct 13, 2013

Pieces of my Puzzle 10-13-13

Happy Sunday!
I am going to try a little something different on my blog
Hopefully it will work out, and hopefully you will enjoy it.
So...last week I had the great privilege to attend my
first blog conference!
How exciting is that?
Do you follow me on Instagram?
Did you see all the pictures I posted of me with
famous bloggers?
Did you see the pictures I posted of the
cool dinner I attended hosted by Kitchen Aid?
Well, that is because I did not post
any such pictures!
Fooled ya!
I did not post any such pictures, because I got to
enjoy all that a blog conference, right from the
comfort of my couch, with my fleece jammie bottoms
my KC Royals t-shirt, and some times with
no bra on! (did I really just say that?).  Sorry, TMI?
Anyway, I attended
OBC is an Online Blogger Conference hosted by the talented
Dorothy of Crazy for Crust and Ashton of Something Swanky.
Before I go into too much, I have to give a special thanks to
Melissa of Simply Sweets by Honeybee for telling me about the conference.
Also, a special thanks to Dorothy for letting me sign up at
the last possible minute!
The conference lasted 4 days, and each day, there were
multiple posts.  The conference was split up into
three Sections, I signed up for the "New Blogger" section.
Even though, I am technically NOT a new blogger, my blog is
slow, and small, and I was looking for ways to grow it.
So each day, I would receive 3 post in my mailbox
for me to read at my leisure.
What did I learn? 
Was it worth it?
Would I do it again?
A lot!
It was worth every penny and more, I would do it again
tomorrow if I could, and I learned so much.
While I will not go into specifics, as that information is for
paying conference attendees, I will tell you some of the topics that
were covered.
Social Media
Facebook Groups
Blog Design
Link Parties
Blogger Burnout
and so much more!
So, all that being,
I introduce
Pieces of My Puzzle
Pieces of My Puzzle
will be a weekly post, that will give
you a little look in my life, what I have been up to,
what I have been reading and watching, what I love,
what I hate, Pinterest love, Facebook love
just a random rambling of stuff I want to share.
Ok...here we go!
Be prepared to be wowed or bored...whatever!
So  lets talk TV!
This week, I watched my first ever episode!
WOW...just wow!
Why did it take me so long to watch this show?
Well, because I am a big fat chicken, and not a
fan of horror movies.
But I must say, I was very surprised, the plot was
nice and easy to follow, the characters were
multi faceted, and there was not too much that made
me wet myself and have nightmares.
The People's Couch
Have you heard of this show?
It is on Bravo and airs Sunday nights.
The idea is that they put a camera in
people's houses, and record them
watching TV.  You get to hear their comments, see
their reactions, and have the piece of mind
knowing that others talk to their TV the way you do.
Watch it...it is crazy funny!
Ok...moving on to Books.
Collin has become completely addicted to books.
Sorry for the bad cell phone pic, but I had to snap this fast,
before he caught me.
This week
This is the fourth book in
Rick Riordan's "Hero's of Olympus" series.
Collin has had the release date marked on the
calendar for months, and when I came
home with it that day, he went right into it,
he read 4 chapters that night, then got up early
the next morning before school and read 2 more chapters.
While I have not read it yet, I am sure that it
will be just as good as the others.
So, what am I reading now?
I am reading another of Rick Riordan's books
This is the first book in the
Kane Chronicles Series.
I am loving it also, after reading so many of his books
on the Greek/Roman Gods, it is taken me awhile to
switch to the Egyptians Gods, but so far
I am loving it.
Food Obsession of the Week
Ok, let me just make an confession.
Hi, my name is Kim,
and I have odd eating habits.
I don't eat crazy exotic stuff, or search hidden restaurants.
I just become obsessed with ONE food item, and will want
to eat that, and nothing else, until I get sick of it.
This week
Odd, yes, yummy, yes, still obsessed, YES!
What's been Baking?
Lemon Sheet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
Baby Shower Cookies
Breast Cancer Awareness Cookies
So...there you go...a little different post
with me just talking...nothing special, but it
allows me a voice, that is not all about decorated cookies.
One thing that I learned at the conference, is that it is
I can do what I want, have the freedom to try new thing, spread my
wings a little, throw caution to the wind, but most
importantly, just have fun.
When blogging stops being fun, I don't want to do it.
Honestly, it has stopped being fun, it has become a chore,
with a lot of work, and no reward or bowl of
Raisin Bran Crunch at the end.
So...time to have fun,
Maybe get my craft on, maybe to some Pinterest Tests,
maybe look for blog link parties, may try some
round up posts. Or, maybe, just keep doing what
I am doing...who knows....you will have to come back to see.
Until next time



  1. I love this!!! So glad to see that someone else has the same food obsessions I have. Wanna know what my food of choice is right now? Milk Duds. There, I said it. Can't wait to read your next "piece of my puzzle".

    1. Thanks Tami, it is good to know I am not a total weirdo with my food. Glad you enjoyed the post...I so enjoyed just tossing out the rules and writing what I wanted!

  2. Ha ha! You had me laughing and smiling in this post. I hope that you will keep them up. Believe me I'll be on your back. Oddly enough I just ate 3 little boxes of Milk Duds tonight that were in the mix of Halloween candy we picked up. Looks like Tami and I are on the same wave length.

    1. Thank Melissa! I am not a fan of Milk Duds...so I will send you mine. Glad I could make you laugh...that is what I am striving for...just a light and fun post!

  3. Ha ha! You had me laughing and smiling in this post. I hope that you will keep them up. Believe me I'll be on your back. Oddly enough I just ate 3 little boxes of Milk Duds tonight that were in the mix of Halloween candy we picked up. Looks like Tami and I are on the same wave length.

  4. I enjoyed your post! =) You do a wonderful job!
    I love to read, and hoping to finish a book ( or two ) this week..

    1. Thank you Melissa, I wish I had more time to read...you are so lucky! I am glad you enjoyed the post, it was fun to write!

  5. "it is MY BLOG"...I couldn't agree more. You're a working gal with a special needs son AND you make cookies....what more could we ask of you? You post what you want to post, when you want to post it. Just know that I'll be here reading it and smiling.

    (P.S. I went to 2 stores yesterday & couldn't find Collin's Halloween costume. *sad face* There is another Halloween Superstore near my work so I'll check after I get off. *fingers crossed*)

    1. Thank you Nikki! I am so glad you enjoyed it...it was fun to write, I hope I don't start to bore my readers.

      Thank you for looking for the costume...the world needs more people like you!

  6. When did Collin get so tall?
    If you want more AHS, skip last season. Ugh. But the first season was really well done (and solely responsible for my fear of my basement at night.....)
    Thanks for a glimpse into Kim's World, I'm looking forward to the next one :)

    1. Stephanie..he will not stop growing...he is over 6 foot, I am 5'3", Kevin is 5'9"...what the heck..then, he has become obsessed with wearing cowboy boots, which makes us even shorter...I am raising a giant!

      I have heard the same thing about AHS, from many people, season 1 better then season 2. I will have to watch them when this season is over.


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