Mar 1, 2013

Spring is in the air {Inspiration Challenge}

Happy Spring!
It is March first, and that means it is time for another
Inspiration Challenge, hosted by
This month's theme is
Spring is in the air!
Spring is in the air?
Are you sure about that?
They say that spring is close.
Me....I don't believe it for
Why don't I believe it?
Well, last Thursday, we got a little snow here
Just a little snow!
If you think that 11 inches is just a little snow.

Collin was home from school..I was home from work..and we just chilled out
on Thursday and Friday.
Saturday, I cleaned off the side walks, and
our pastor came and cleaned the driveway.

Collin and I were FREE!
We went to lunch and did a little shopping!
Collin went back to school on Monday, and I went back to work.
Then we woke up on Tuesday,
This is the only picture I took that day,
but when all was said and done,
we had another almost 11 inches!
That is about 22 inches in less then a week!
Spring is in the air?
Prove it! you go!
A Spring Cookie!

A purple Iris cookie!
What is more spring then that?
When I was a little girl, by grandma's yard was lined
with purple irises.
I just loved them...they were so bright, and cheery
and fun.
I hope to someday have a home
with a yard
lined with purple irises.
I pray that spring does come soon.
I could use a little cheer.
A few flowers.
A yard that is not covered in 22 inches of snow!
Make sure you head over to
Stephanie's and Melissa's blogs to see their
Spring is in the Air cookies.
And if you created sping cookies
make sure link them up on
Melissa's I can see them all.
I need a little spring!
Until next time




  1. I love your post & your iris cookie is gorgeous. Sorry you had all that snow but at least the ground is getting saturated for the flowers to come out.

  2. Oh Kim this is beautiful!!! Spring IS in the air.....sadly the ground is covered in snow :( It's right around the corner my dear friend. Great job!!

  3. It's obvious that you need to either send some snow here, or I need to ship my kids to you!
    Your Iris cookie is beautiful!!!!!

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