Mar 6, 2013

Air Brushed Animal Print Cookies

I am not a big fan of animal print.

I am not sure why, it is just not my thing.
I am more of a plaid and stripes kinda gal,
with jeans..and my cowboy boot.
A Fashionista I am not!
I am sure one day, Stacy and Clinton
will be showing up at my office,
and totally make fun of my wardrobe,
which pretty much has only
jeans, simple solid colored shirts from Bass Pro
and cowboy boot, and not the cool, knee high, high-heeled boots,
 I am a Fatbaby boots kinda gal.
Anyway, back to the topic at hand.
Like I said, I don't have animal print clothes,
but I have made animal print cookies before.
They have always been a struggle for me,
I just don't do "free-style" patterns,
random is hard for me.

So...when one of my favorite customer's
requested animal print cookies for her
daughter's birthday, I knew I need to find
a way to make them cute.

I ran to Hobby Lobby, and as luck would have it, I found
This stencil kit!  It was only $3.99, and it had
12 patterns, and it was small, great for cookies!

So, I grabbed my cookies, my airbrush, and my
stencils, and went to town!

For the flowers, I outlined and filled the centers, in green,
then let it dry overnight, then I made a template of the center
out of cardboard, so that I could airbrush the center
and not get color on the rest of the cookie.  I then did the petals.

For the cupcakes, I outlined and flooded the bottom
part of the cupcake and let it try overnight, I then placed a piece
of cardboard over the top part of the cookie, to keep the
color off that part, and airbrushed the bottom part using the stencil.

I do need a little more practice using my airbrush,
as some cookies had over spray, but I am happy
with how they came out.
I heard the birthday girl liked them,
and that is all that matters.
Happy Birthday Lauren!
Until next time


  1. Awesome! I'm gonna look for that stencil set.

  2. Adorable. I love them! And the colors are bright and fun!

  3. For Ms. Stephanie I presume? I'm jealous she gets all the awesome cookies! lol (If I'm wrong..shoot me later)


  4. I have that exact same set! I would have never thought to use it as a flower center. Brilliant my friend, simply brilliant!


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