Mar 16, 2013

Custom Cookie Bag Stickers

I just love the look of a custom sticker on cookie bag.
I think it adds that special little touch,
that makes the cookie really stand out.
Up until this week,
I was limited to pre-made stickers for my bags.
Now...well...I can do what I want!
I can make the sticker match the cookie.
I can put a special message on the sticker.
I can have any shape, size, color and message I want!
Isn't that cool?
Want to see how I do it? we go!
Let's start at the beginning...
I got a message from my dear friend
She had been out shopping...and saw a puzzle piece paper punch.
Now, at first I was all "OK..thanks" not all that excited, because, well,
I am not the crafty artsy type of person.
I saw it!  And my heart jumped a beat, and I quickly purchased it!
Then, I did what every normal person does,
I took a picture, and texted it to my friends, the posted it on
Instagram, then shared it on my Facebook page.
Normal people do that...right?
They take pictures of stuff they like and post it for all the world to see! my world they is normal.
So, when I got home from work that night, I opened
my new toy up..and started punching puzzle pieces!

You just slid your paper in (I used card stock) and squeeze.

And just like that you have a cute little puzzle piece!

Then you just keep punching!
And punching....

and punching!

THEN...I logged onto my Facebook page for The Cookie Puzzle...
and I got this message from my friend Heather of Twin's Plus One Goodies
What store was it at??? you could punch out a bunch in your colors, then run them through a little sticker machine and make Collin a bunch of puzzle stickers, or use them to close some baggies for your cookies.. or to seal the boxes
A machine...that makes stickers?
So...the next day, on my lunch hour..I ran to Hobby Lobby..
and guess what?
There is a machine that makes stickers!
And I bought one!

You put what you want into the little tray...

turn the handle

and out come stickers!
Anything can be stickered!
Look...puzzle piece shaped stickers!

How freaking cool is that?
Pretty Cool if you ask me!
Puzzle piece stickers on bags of mini puzzle piece cookies!
Did you hear the angles singing?

Too cute!

Of course, you can put puzzle piece stickers on bags
of other cookies too..kinda like a calling card! you have too can make custom stickers
for your cookie bags too!
Thank you so much Tami and have changed my life!
I am linking up to
Simply Sweet Saturday's
Make sure you check out all the fun stuff
going on over there!

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Until next time...


  1. OMG Kim!!! I LOVE it!!!! Girl you just knocked this right out of the park. Not crafty huh???

  2. What a neat machine! I think this will be going on my wish list.

  3. This is awesome!!! Thanks for sharing.


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