Dec 5, 2012

Inspiration Challenge: Winter Wonderland

It's that time again!
Time for another Inspiration Challenge with
Melissa of
and Stephanie of
This month's challenge was titled
OK...lets see what I did!
I am a BIG fan of the look of Winter!
I love the snow!
I love seeing the snow!
I love watching it fall!
I love sitting in my warm house,
with a cup of coffee
and a warm blanket.
I love snow...but only while inside!
What I don't like is driving in snow!
Walking on snow covered sidewalks.
The mess at your front door when you come in
from walking on snow covered sidewalks.
So I wanted to do a
Winter Wonderland
cookies that reflects what I DO like about snow
So I did a snow globe cookie
A mason jar snow globe cookie.
Wanna see?
I was going to show you even if you said no!
I am pretty happy with how it turned out.
I also made some snowflakes to go with it...
so I could enjoy snowflakes from the comfort of my house!

Thanks for the Inspiration Stephanie and Melissa,
I really enjoy doing these challenges!
Melissa has set up a link make sure you head to her
blog Here, and link up your Winter Cookies!
Next month..the challenge is
New Year/New You!
How fun is that?
My brain is already spinning for that one!
Until next time....


  1. Love them!! I am not so much a fan of snow either... I can't get enough of snowflake cookies though!

  2. Love your winter cookies Kimmie! That snow globe is so cute and how creative to use your mason jar! I wouldn't have thought of that! I always love seeing your cookies!

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