Dec 22, 2012

Cookie Cutter Challenge

I was lucky enough to be asked to be part of a really fun
Collaborative Group Project,
Coordinated by the super talented and ever so sweet
Cristin of  Cristin's Cookies
Cristin sent us each a cookie cutter, and asked us to create
whatever we wanted...anything goes!
But...we did not know what the cutter was, and we could not
share or talk to any of the other participates about
our designs, until they were all submitted and she sent
us the final collage!
Woot Woot!
I was super excited, and secretly praying that it would be
one of my two favorite cutter shaped,

I totally stared at the mailbox for days...waiting and waiting....
and then...
it came!
I ripped open the box and saw this....

What is it?
What could it be?
What CAN I make?
Ruh Roh....I am in trouble!
I had a problem....a big problem!
I don't have "cookie think"!
I don't see stuff when I look at a random shape.
I can not draw to save my life....I mean at all!
So...I traced the cutter, copied it like 8 million times...
the just stared at it
and stared at it...
Then I carried it around with me...
and asked everyone I saw
"What is this?"
Oh...everyone helped...they all saw different things
now what?
How do I get that "image" onto a cookie?
Remember...home girl can not DRAW? a panic...I turned to my Collin
"Hey Collin, what is this?"
"It's a girl mom...duh"
"Um...sorry I don't see it"
"What?  It is right is a little girl"
" still don't see it"
"MOM!  It's a girl...just make it a girl"
"Nope..still don't see it"
Then I had to do what parents all over the world do...
I had to PAY my son to draw a cookie design for me!
Everyone does that....RIGHT?
Please tell me people do that....I don't want to seem like a freak!
So...after $2.00 and like 5 minutes at the desk...Collin handed me THIS!
Isn't she cute?
So...I "could" have tweaked it a little, evening out the features, make a little change
here and there...but in the end....I just went for it...and
re-created Collin's design exactly (or at least I tried)
Not perfect...but close...and I was happy with it...I had some consistency issues with
my glaze...but it was done...and Collin loved it!
onto what the other ladies did!
You are about to be AMAZED!
These ladies really out did there selves!
I love each and every one of them..
and honored to be included in such a
talented group of ladies!
#1 - Aymee of Wacky Cookies -
#3 - Tiffany of Tiff's Tasty Cookies -
#4 - Ansa of Sweet Treats by Ansa -
#5 - Shannon of The Sweet Shop Cookie Company -
 #7 - Kate of Kooking in Kate's Kitchen -
#8 - Kim of The Cookie Puzzle -
#9 - Margaret of Decorated Cookies (dba Edible Canvas Creations) -
#11 - Lene of Not Your Everyday Cookie -
#12 - Tammy of Fluffybutt Cookie Emporium -
#13 - Laura of Laura's Cookies -
#14 - Flaget of Cookies with Love by Flaget -
#15 - Karen of SugarDeaux Cookies & Cakes -
Thank you Cristin for asking me to was a lot of fun!
I will be back show you all the cookies I did for Christmas!
Until next time....



  1. I LOVE that you paid Collin! That cracks me up! Did he get to eat the little girl cookie too? You did a fantastic job and please give Collin a hug for me too! I'm always amazed at what you accomplish using glaze icing. We glaze gals have to stick together ;-) Thanks for playing along Kimmie!

  2. Your little girl is so cute! I'm glad that Collin was able to help you. I'm not to good at "cookie think" either but I'm getting better at it.

  3. I can't believe I am just seeing this!! I must be really behind :( First off, I have to say, your reaction after receiving this cutter had me laughing hysterically. Secondly, I would pay my kids a million dollars if they could "cookie think" for me. Like you have I zilch when it comes to drawing or even thinking outside of the box for that matter. Colin did a wonderful job. May I ask if he's for hire????


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