May 9, 2012


Being the parent of a special needs child, teachers are VERY important.  Most days they spend more time with my child then I do, at least during the school year.  I have been blessed to have the most AMAZING teachers any parent could ever ask for.  Really....they are total ROCK stars!  They are pros at what they do, they encourage Collin, without pushing him too hard, they cheer him on when he is struggling, they love him, as if he is their own child.  We are sooo blessed!  I love them, and Collin does too.  And to keep them happy...I do what I do best...I make them cookies!

They get all my extra cookies, all the boo boo cookies, all the practice cookies...I wish I could give them cookies every day, for the rest of their lives.

So, since it is Teacher's Appreciation Week...I knew I HAD to make them some special cookie...I had it all planned out....really I did...Mrs.S., Mrs. B. and Mrs. D were going to get personalized cookies, each cookie well thought out, just to show them how much we love them...then...well, things got CRAZY!

I am talking....SUPER CRAZY!

Don't believe me....take a look at this!

This my 1,296 cookies!

and this is also 1,296 cookies

Now...let me explain this madness...My cousin, Kathy,  is the president of her schools PTO, and she ordered cookies for her teachers, months ago...apples, simple, cute, apples.  Then, well, google image changed that all....see, I found this really cute photo...and I emailed her, and she emailed me, and we chatted and chatted, and I made cookies, and she loved them...and 36 apples...well, they turned into this

These are NOT apples...this is 36 boxes of "popcorn" cookies...each box has 36 cookies!

Now...let me show you some close ups of these cute little cookies.....

See...aren't they cute?

I bake 36 on each cookie sheet...then when they were cooled...I put 288 on each sheet to decorate!

Look at these cute labels that Kathy and her friend Melissa made....way cool!

These are bigger boxes...with 8-10 dozen cookies for Collin's Teachers!
Thanks for always being the "Good Cop" and for helping Collin make my beloved Dough Board, Mrs. Brown!
Thanks for introducing us to Harry Potter, Mrs. Dobson, you forever changed our lives!
Thank you Mrs. Secosh, for being Collin's "Mom" at school, for loving him they way only a mom could!

So....there you go...this is what has been keeping me so busy this week...and I still have more cookies to go...this week is also Graduation....and Mother's I will be posting more cookies soon!

To each and every teacher and Para Professional out there...THANK work hard, for little money, you love our children as if they are your own, you are molding our future, and I think you are all total ROCK STARS!  So stand up...pat yourself on the back...walk down the red carpet...because to are the STARS OF SOCIETY!

AND...I can not wait to show you what came in the mail today...I squealed...I was in shock...and I even cried a little (I am allowed, I am a mom), I super great gift, from a super great lady!



  1. I love these.. Great idea.. Would it be ok with you if i borrowed the idea. My sister is now following your blog and she requested "Hey, can you do some popcorn cookies like The COOKIE PUZZLE for Cade's teachers.. PLEASSEEEEE?" Well.. i said "i will ask if its ok".. :) So I'm asking. I love popcorn. I love cookies.. These are great.

    1. Hi Heather...oh...feel free to use the idea...I wish I could remember where I saw these at...but I got the idea from go for it. I responded to your question about the boxes on Facebook, but I will tell you here also, I got these boxes at Hobby Lobby, but I have seen them at Michael's also. I used the smallest cutter in the Wilton Funny Flower Cut-Outs set, I think it is like 5/8 inch in diameter. If you want more information about making these, please send me an email...I have done them several times, and have learned though trial and error what works to make the process faster!

  2. Thanks Nicole...they were not that bad to make...kinda a "twisted cookie decorator" type of way!

  3. wowee zowee! That is a WHOLE LOT of cookies! I'm surprised you can still see straight after all that! Wow! You are amazing Kim! You inspire me!

  4. Kim you are a rock star and a machine! These are so awesome! Thanks for sharing them. My brother has downs and he's 32 now but when he was in school he loved his teachers. They were so great to him. I admire all teachers but I especially admire those that work with special needs children.

  5. Oh my goodness -- I remember when you made these!! I had no idea that you made them for the teachers though! I bet they loved you! (And your super fun cookies!!)


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