May 15, 2012

Collin's Birthday, a special gift....and a new friend

April 11th was Collin's Birthday, I can not believe I have a 17 year old son.  One who is 6 foot tall, one who tells me he loves me everyday, and one who warms my heart, lives life to the fullest, and sees the best in everyone!

For his birthday this year, we did a simple party, we had a pizza party at the local pizza place, just our family, and two of his favorite teachers (the third was at her daughters ballgame, we missed you Mrs. D!) 

But even with a simple party...cookies are a Collin picked two cookies designs.  New cookie designs...and being the adventurous person I am...I tried a new technique for these cookie...not the smartest idea...but live and learn right!

Collin chose The Green Lantern  and Captain America.

So  here you go....The Green Lantern and Captain America cookies

 For these cookies, I did something that I usually don't do, I outlined and did all the details in black, then filled in the colors, I like this look, but it takes some time getting used to, and the flood icing has to be the correct consistancy to get the look just right, but for my first try, I think they turned out well, and Collin was happy with them, and that is what is important!

So....Collin's Birthday was April 11....on April 12th, I got this message!

To honor Collins birthday, and YOUR being his Great Mom, I would like to offer him a special blanket of his own choosing from my shop. All he has to do is go on there, send me the EXACT name of the one he wants, and Your address and I will ship it to him.
Everyone Needs a Blanket to Call Their Own that not the sweetes message?  I cried....I don't know this person...I have never met her, but, just from my Facebook page, she thinks I am a Great Mom..and wants to send my son a birthday gift.

Who DOES that?

Yvette of CutnTiedbyRedYvette Does!    Check out her etsy shop, she has tons of blankets, in every color, theme and pattern you could imagine.  She is just the sweetest!  Really she is!  I was just blown away, how could I accept a gift from a complete stranger?  I was planning on doing a giveaway for Autism Awareness, so I asked her, if instead of giving a blanket to Collin, would she donate to the giveaway.  Yvette, said she would do both!  WOWZER...this lady is special!

After several emails, I learned that Yvette, has a heart of gold, she has two grown kiddos, loves making blankets...and she loves donating blankets to special people, and she thought Collin and I were special!  Tears...tears flow when I think of all the work she puts into these blankets....just to give them away!  WOW...the world needs more people like her!

SO...after looking and looking and looking...we finally found a blanket that was perfect for Collin.  I let Yvette know our choice....and she shipped it...and in two short days...this is what we got!

This blanket is is soo soft...and big...and warm...and perfect for Collin.  And as a special touch, she sews special tags on each blanket, she has several to choose from, I just love the one she selected for Collin!

Be the Change
You Wish to See
in the World

I love it!  Thank you Yvette...for the special will be treasured FOREVER!

If you are looking for a special gift for a special person, please check out her Etsy shop, I am sure you can find something for that special someone!



  1. Kim,
    YOU....are a Wonderful Woman. WOW, I am just so amazed at all the praise you heaped on me.
    I am so glad that You and Collin like the blanket.
    I did not know he was 6 feet tall.....I hope he can still cuddle up with that blanket!
    I felt so lucky that you included me in the Autism Awareness Giveaway. The Lady and her daughter that won my Blanket were very sweet.
    I DO love making my blankets....and I do sell them....but I thoroughly love to share them with people I feel are very special.
    I picked You...because you are always nice, never say mean things on Fb, always offer a helpful hint when other cookie people need it, and you are very happy to be Collins Best Mom.
    These are all qualities that I admire in others.
    Everyone Needs a Blanket to Call Their Own.
    Thank you, Kim, for your kind friendship to me on Fb...and all your kindness towards others.
    Best Wishes and Nose Nuzzles,

  2. Awesome cookies, Kim! I think the black outline looks great! And how sweet is Yvette?????


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