May 28, 2012

Congrats Graduates!

I had the pleasure of making three sets of Graduation cookies this Graduation season.  These were my first, as last Graduation Season, I was still pretty new to cookies, so I was excited to get the requests!

The first set was for Carolyn, she had a niece Alissa, who was graduating from High School.

I did simple mortar boards, diplomas and a plaque cookie that said "Congratulations Alissa".  Like I said, these were my first attempt at these cookies, the mortar boards I was happy with, the diplomas, not so much..but Carolyn was happy, and she told me that Alissa was end the end, I guess I was happy also. 

The second set I did for Erica, she had a friend graduating for the University of Missouri Law school, she wanted black mortar boards with purple tassels and MU logo Cookies.  I am happy how they turned out, but looking at the platter, I noticed that there is a LOT of black on that platter, I should have done a MU logo that was gold, but Erica was again...I am happy!

Now..the third I did was a lot of fun.  Vicki wanted some special cookies, she is the school nurse as a small local school, and she wanted to give each graduate something special, both for the seniors and the 8th graders.  The mascot of the school is the Dragons and their colors are black and gold.  When she told me that...I will be honest...I A LOT!  Then I looked at the schools website..and was a beautiful dragon...but a very complicated dragon...lots of details.  Vicki really really wanted a dragon on the cookies, because 2012 is The Year of the Dragon!  Did you know that?  Nope?  That's OK...because I did not either.  So..she wants cookies...dragon cookies..and year and personalized ...OK...I told her I would come up with something, and send her pictures for approval.  Oh...then she said she did not want the school colors...the wanted the CLASS COLORS....are you ready for this..the Seniors Class Colors are ELECTRIC BLUE and CHARTREUSE (which after a little google search, I found out is basically electric green) and the 8th grade colors were PALE BLUE AND PALE GREEN.

OK....are you with me...she was asking me to make cookies that had

1. Dragons
2. 2012 and 2016
3. Green and Blues
4. Personalized with the graduates names

Soooo.....these are the cookies that I did for her...they had everything she asked for...and I tied them all with black and gold ribbon, just so that the school colors would be represented.

Here are the Seniors you see the dragon?

And these are the ones that I did for the 8th graders!

Congratulations to all the Graduates...Job Well Done!



  1. I love the cookies.. I waited with held breath for the dragon cookie.. and I giggled.. i LOVE THEM.. my brain would have NEVER thought to put the dragon as the number.. that is just great.. just great.. I love it..

    1. Thank you Heather....I was pretty happy with how they came out also!

  2. Wowee Kimmie! These are absolutely AMAZING! I love the tassels and how you got them so separated - with GLAZE?! How on earth! You're so cool and then the dragons - just wow! I'm in awe! You're so super cool lady!

    1. Thanks know I only work in glaze...always for the tassels...yep glaze also...super thick glaze and a Wilton #1 tip. in awe? Wow...I am flattered!

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