Jan 10, 2016

Puzzle Piece Valentine's Day Wreath

Do you have one of those projects that you have wanted do to for years?  Like, you saw it in Pinterest, and loved it...and went the next day and got all the supplies to make it...then you brought it home, put the stuff away...life happened and you don't do it.  Yeah...me too..we could be twins...really we could...we must have been..because this very scenario has happened to me more then I would care to admit...even to you...my forgotten craft twin.

So....a few weeks ago....I FINALLY made that "oh...I want to make that" craft projects...and I am now not sure WHY I waited so long to make it...and WHEN I can make another one.

I took a 500 piece puzzle that I picked up from The Dollar Tree....a chipboard wreath from Hobby Lobby and some craft paint I had in my stash, and made a puzzle piece Valentine's Day Wreath.

I simply laid out the puzzle pieces, picture side down, and painted them.  I painted the majority of the pieces white and pink, and only a small amount of them red.  Once they were all dry, I used my hot glue gun to attach the puzzle pieces to the wreath form.  I just pick up a piece and glued it on....and just kept going until I used them all...trying to be random and layering as I went.  I had the Heart Ribbon in my stash also, so I used that to create a hanger for the wreath...boom all done.

This was a really fun and simple project to do, and I am already thinking about what puzzle wreath to do next...after all...puzzles mean so much to me, I love to be surrounded by them!

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