Jul 10, 2015

Stuff He Brought Home Vol.4

Happy Friday!

Welcome to Vol.4 of Stuff He Brought Home!

This is a series I do each week here on the blog, showing you, well, STUFF HE BROUGHT HOME!
He, is Mr. Cookie Puzzle...and he brings home A LOT of stuff...some wicked cool...some odd...some totally unique, and some stuff, like this weeks item, has me scratching my head.

This week, I will admit, I am not loving what he brought home.  Actually, he did not bring it home THIS week, it has been here for awhile.  So...what is it...SNOW SHOES!

Yep...Snow Shoe....old...falling apart Snow Shoes!  And...because I am super flexible and know how to pick my battles, they are hanging in my living room.

They have seen better days..I believe some "parts" are missing, and they look well worn..but hey...everyone needs a pair of snow shoes...right?

I am sure they will come in handy next winter when we get 24 inches of snow and I need to get to the trading post for more flour and a letter from my mom out west...LOL!

I know it is a common theme here...but once again, I have no idea where they came from, how old they are or if they have any value.  Mr. Cookie Puzzle just found them, thought they were "cool" and brought them home...cause that is what he does.

So...that is that...What He Brought Home....Old Falling Apart Snow Shoes!

If you have any information about this piece and want to share, I would love to hear from you.

Until next time....

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