Jul 3, 2015

Stuff He Brought Home Vol.3

Happy Friday!

Welcome to Vol.3 of Stuff He Brought Home!

This is a series I do each week here on the blog, showing you, well, STUFF HE BROUGHT HOME!
He, is Mr. Cookie Puzzle...and he brings home A LOT of stuff...some wicked cool...some odd...some totally unique. 

This week...another item that I actually like!  Maybe next week I will share one of the "What is that? and WHY did you bring it home!" things he brought home!

But for today...we have a beautiful old Mrs. Butter-Worth Syrup Bottle.

I have no idea how old t is, as I can find no date or markings on it.

The label does have some damage...but mostly intact.  Look...5 cents off the regular price of this bottle!  What is the price?  Well...on the lid it is marked $.64!  That is right...$.64 for a bottle of syrup!  Heck syrup is way more then that, even at The Dollar Tree!

Hello Mrs. Butter-Worth...so happy to have you in the house and smiling at me each morning!

So...that is that...What He Brought Home....A Vintage Mrs. Butter-Worth Bottle!

If you have any information about this piece and want to share, I would love to hear from you.

Until next time....

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