Jun 19, 2015

Stuff He Brought Home Vol.2

Happy Friday!

Welcome to Vol.2 of Stuff He Brought Home!

This is a series I do each week here on the blog, showing you, well, STUFF HE BROUGHT HOME!
He, is Mr. Cookie Puzzle...and he brings home A LOT of stuff...some wicked cool...some odd...some totally unique. 

Today, I am sharing another item that I actually LIKE!

Glass Butter Churn

This is a glass butter churn!

Glass Butter Churn

The only markings I can find on it is this 6 QT, which I assume means 6 quarts...
now that is a lot of butter!

Glass Butter Churn

Like the coffee grinder from last week, this butter churn features a 
beautiful wood handle and crank.

Glass Butter Churn

It has beautiful metal work, nothing fancy, but functional and sturdy.
The handle actually moves and cranking it spins the paddles within the jar.

Glass Butter Churn

There is one small crack in one bottom corner, and I can not get the lid off.
Like I said, the crank will turn, and the paddle rotates, but I can not
get the lid off, and I scared to damage it by "forcing" it in any way,
I cleaned it up as best as I could, but I will not be making any
butter in this beauty!

So...that is that...What He Brought Home....A Glass Butter Churn!

If you have any information about this piece and want to share, I would love to hear from you.

Until next time....

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  1. I'm loving these posts! So neat to see things I've never seen before.


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