Nov 17, 2014

Horseshoe Wreath

There is an old saying that every house needs a horseshoe in it.  Who am I to challenge old sayings?

Horseshoe Wreath

The saying goes that if you hang a horseshoe in your house pointing up, your luck will never run out.
After working on this house for a year, we were all to happy to hang this.

The frame is actually an old bathroom medicine cabinet, I picked up somewhere, not sure where.  I removed the "cabinet" part, and managed to break the mirror in the process.  Now, please don't tell me that I will now have 7 years bad luck...because, well, I have a horseshoe, and everyone knows that horseshoes totally trump broken mirrors, right?  Please say right?

I painted the frame with Chalk paint, FolkArt, Home Decor Chalk, in the color or is a pretty muted mossy green blue color.  I did not seal it, or distress it..because I liked the muted rough look...well..who am I kidding..I am just lazy..LOL

I then threaded some twine through the top holes on each side of the horseshoe.  This was not a fun process...I tried wrapping the ends with tape and pushing them through the "holes" but those holes are little buggers!  They are square in shape...and round twine was not wanting to go through it.  FINALLY, I wrapped a long piece of tape around the twine and kind tapered it..the started it through the hole and used a pair of needle nosed pliers, to grab it...and gently pulled.  That worked..but it took many if you try patient.

Horseshoe Wreath

Mr. Cookie Puzzle then hung it for me on the door to the half bath...cause we all need a little luck in the bathroom, right...LOL!

I loved how it turned out...and it cost me nothing as I had all the stuff already.

Horseshoe Wreath

Here is what it looks like from a distance!  As you can see, we are all moved into the house, and mostly unpacked...hopefully now that we have made the move, I will have time to take pictures and show you around, and maybe even get some baking done too!

Until next time...Hugs!

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