Nov 10, 2014

Bathroom Cabinet Makeover

I am amazed at what a little paint can to to totally transform something ugly and destine for the trash, into a piece of beauty.

Bathroom Cabinet Makeover

Mr. Cookie Puzzle's uncle gave us this little bathroom cabinet.  I thought I took pictures of it before I started it's makeover, but I can not find them, hello, my life is in chaos right now #nevermovingagain

It was a simple wood cabinet, glass door, painted white, but the white had aged to a nasty looking yellow/eww color.

The first thing I did was bust out the glass, and inserted some decorative punched metal.

Bathroom Cabinet Makeover

I then painted the outside with Chalk paint, Treasure, by American Decor.  I am a little obsessed with this color, I have used it a lot.  The inside is painted with Yellow Crochet, by Folk Art.  I had gotten this color, for another project, but did not like the green tint it had.  But, for this project, it worked great!

Bathroom Cabinet Makeover

Mr. Cookie Puzzle hung it in the Half Bathroom, and I filled it with some little treasures, I got from my grandmother when she passed.  I have a few more, for the top shelf, but can not seem to locate them, #nevermovingagain!

It looks great in the half bath, especially with the vanity that I made out of my grandmothers, wash stand.  You can see it here.

Rustic Half Bathroom

Until next time....have a blessed day!

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