Sep 17, 2016

Pink Poodle Cookies

Hey Peeps!

What's up?  Me...well....I have been baking cookies on a regular basis lately, and it feels pretty good.  I will confess that I went through a pretty long "cookie dry spell"..getting no orders, and it totally drained my cookie joy.  How sad is that?  Pretty sad for a girl who loves decorating cookies, has more cookie cutters then I will admit to...even is blessed to have a wonderful hubby who built me a whole room in our new house just for me to do cookies.  Yet, there I was, going months without baking and decorating cookies. joy for cookies is I will do my best to blog more...sharing my creations with you. we go!

I made these cookies for my Mom's Birthday.  I love my mom...and she loves Pink I made her Pink Poodle cookies.  As my luck goes...Sweet Sugarbelle launched her new line of cutters shortly before my mom's birthday, which is in July and she had a poodle cookie cutter...SCORE!

Yep...I made these cookies in July...and she loved them...I took pictures of them...and they sat on my camera for a long time...then they sat on my computer for even longer...but here they all their glory.

Until next time....

Hugs and Love!
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