Nov 30, 2015

HUGE Santa Cookies

With the weather getting colder, Mr. Cookie Puzzle has been going to a lot of auctions.  I will get random calls throughout the day asking is I want/need certain things he finds at said auctions.  He has been finding several cookie cutters, and I told him to just BUY them...don't call.

Well...last week he came home with several, but one was extra special...and extra HUGE!

It is a Birkmann Father Christmas cutter!

Birkmann 191310 Father Christmas Face Biscuit Cutter XXL
Picture from Amazon

I have never seen a cutter this big...but I could not wait to bake some up

Huge Santa Cookie

This baked up to be a very cute and very HUGE Santa Cookie!

Huge Santa Cookie

He is just about 8 inches tall and 7 inches wide...lots of cookie!

While I as baking these,  also bakes some BIG Stocking cookies too.

Large Personalized Stocking Cookies

This stocking looks tiny at almost 6 inches tall!

Large Personalized Stocking Cookies

Out of one batch of dough...I was able to get four Santa Cookies and five stockings!

Huge Santa Cookie

I thought they might make a cute gift set for that special someone for Christmas!

Huge Santa Cookie

Sorry for the last minutes, late night, not so good picture, but you get the idea!

Anyway..I did some Black Friday online shopping and ordered 10 cookie stencils...I can not wait for them to get here and to play with them

Until then....happy baking!

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