Apr 7, 2015

Party in Your PJs #50

Welcome back to Party in Your PJs.

Welcome to the party!  It has been raining here all day, so I am feeling a little gloomy.  Do you get like that when you have rain for several days.   I think I would enjoy it, if I could stay home, and bake or read a good book, but I have a full-time job that requires me to get out of my PJ, drive to an office and act like an adult!

Bree and I have been talking about making some changes to the party.  We are not sure what we will be doing or when it will happen.  We are trying to figure out new ways to make the party not only fun but inviting to bloggers.  What is it about a party that entices you to join it?  Do you you like BIG parties? Small parties?  Do you like the host to share via social media?  What social media do you prefer?  What type of party goer are you?  Do you link and run?  Or do you hop around and visit other blogs?

Speaking of the last question...this is something that I struggle with, as a link party goer.  I like to join as many parties as I can each week, but will confess that I am not always good at visiting other blogs at the party.  Sadly, I think this is happening to many of us bloggers.  We want to link to many blogs parties  but don't have the time to visit other blogs.  THIS MY FRIENDS IS A PROBLEM!!!  See, for a blogger, we join link parties to get exposure, to gain a loyal following,  but if we are not visiting each other, we don't get that.  If we are not benefiting from joining parties, we stop joining.  See the problem?  I challenge each one of you to visit at least ONE OTHER blog that has linked up to this party for each link you add.  I am not going to go a crazy and demand it, but, lets spread a little love around shall we. 

As the host of this link party, I see just how many views this party gets, how many links it gets and more importantly how many clicks it gets.  Clicks mean how many times the links were clicked on, or how many blogs were visited.  I will not share that number, because, well....it is sad...and I don't like to be sad....so make me happy this week...click around....make friends....learn something new. 

It really is the Golden Rule...Do unto others, as you would have done unto you!

Want people to visit your blog from a link party.....VISIT OTHER BLOGS!

(what is even more sad....is that many party guests will not even take the time to read the party intro...so...lets see who read all of the intro....if you read it.....leave a comment telling me the name of your favorite movie of all time...the movie that you have watch a million times...and watch every time it is on TV....my movie......Forrest Gump)

Now...enough of this busy stuff....onto the party!

Features from Last Weeks Party!


  19 farmhouse_coffee_tables


19 DIY Farmhouse Coffee Tables | Anything & Everything

Upcycled Cassette Tape Holder Paint Storage  | Casa Watkins

Creamy Fruit Brunch Crescents| Yesterfood

Best EVER Macaroni Salad | making it in the mountains

Best Ever Macaroni Salad  | Making it in the Mountains

Make sure you head over to bumblebreeblog to see her features, we each pick our own features.

All links are pinned to a Party Board...you can follow the board on Pinterest...feel free to follow the board, there is lots of inspiration to be found there.

Follow The Cookie Puzzle's board Party in Your PJs Link Party on Pinterest.

Ok...let's party!

-Link to post, not your home page
-Link to something YOU made
-No Etsy or Business Pages
-Link Parties, Roundups and Giveaways welcome
- Don't Link and Run! Please visit other links, make friends, learn something new, leave a comment, we all love comments
-If you were featured, grab a"Featured" button, found in the right side bar
-Consider adding our Party button to your Party Page or Post (button found on right side bar)


  1. i like any kind of party really. sometimes i link and run and sometimes i visit-it depends on what i'm doing at the time with too many job and mommy demands. oh and one of my fave movies is Home Alone. lol i really appreciate you hosting this weekly party!!! :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi! Thanks for hosting this great party and for featuring my healthy recipes today (Salmon & Avocado Quinoa Salad, Vegan Smoothie). Have a great day! -Del

  4. Gone with the wind

    I try to visit as much as possible. It may have to do with what types of link ups interest people enough to check them out. I know I gravitate towards a few specific posts.


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