Dec 1, 2014

Sweet Stackers: A Cookier's Dream

I am so excited to share with you a wonderful product today!

Have you heard of Sweet Stackers?  If you haven't, and you are a cookier, or a baker, or a gift giver, this post is for you!

Sweet Stackers : A Cookier's Dream

I first found out about Sweet Stackers, when the Creator, Colleen, linked to my weekly link party.  I was immediately intrigued.  We were in the middle of building our home, and moving, so I never got around to trying them.

In my previous home, I stored cookies in HUGE under the bed type plastic containers, with little shelves in them, so I could store 2 layers of cookies.  While this worked well, they took up a LOT OF SPACE!  Space that I was not willing to give up in my new cookie room.

I went to the Sweet Stacker Etsy page, hoping to find one of the combo sets I had seen there before.  Well, they were sold out, but I was determined, and boy was I glad I was.

I emailed Colleen, and she is just the sweetest girl ever.  She offered to send me two sets of Sweet Stackers to try, and sent me a link to what storage container to use to match the stacker!

Ya'll....I am in Cookier HEAVEN!

  • Made of Food Grade Corrugated Plastic and BPA free
  • Sturdy and light-weight, does not absorb oils
  • Can be used in refrigerator or freezer
  • Dish washer safe or can be easily wiped down with soap and water and reused
  • Available in 4 sized that fit major brand containers
  • If you are not sure what size Sweet Stackers to get, Colleen has created this handy little chart for you.!

Sweet Stackers: A Cookier's Dream

I got two sets of the 8x12.5 squared systems, and they work perfectly with THIS Container!

Sweet Stackers: A Cookier's Dream

As luck would have it, I have a Bed, Bath and Beyond near my work, and on my lunch hour, armed with a coupon, I was able to find the container I needed!

Sweet Stackers: A Cookier's Dream

I then got to work...baking and decorating cookies!  This is 37 cookies...they are all rolled 3/8 inch thick and between 2.5 and 3.5 inches big!

    Sweet Stackers: A Cookier's Dream

Sweet Stackers: A Cookier's Dream

Sweet Stackers: A Cookier's Dream

All stacked up, none touching...perfectly sealed!

Sweet Stackers: A Cookier's Dream

 That is 37 decorated cookies in a container that is approximately 9x13x5!  Ya'll that is amazing!

This is a true answered prayers...a way to store my cookies in an airtight container, that does not take up a lot of room. And as a side note, some of these cookies, I baked and decorated TWO WEEKS ago...and they are still as fresh as day one...BONUS POINTS!

Now, if you are not a cookie decorator, this is still a must have in my book.

Five layers, one container  Baked Kolacky (which I will be baking soon)

Fruit Filled Tartlets  Fruit Filed Tart lets

Mini Cranberry Pecan Pies    Mini Cranberry Pecan Pies

Sweet Stackers tray set and cookie tin  Christmas Cookie Tin

 The ideas are endless!

The trays are very study and washable, and come in a variety of sizes, so you can use the containers you have already.  Or, do what I did, and purchase new containers for storing my cookies.

I love the little notches on the sides, that allow you to place and remove the tray from the container.  You also have two different sized risers, that allow you to store desserts at a variety of heights.

 Each set comes with two  trays, 8 - 3/4" risers and 4 - 1 1/4" risers. You can purchase additional risers if you need added strength.    I loved that you can put the risers wherever you needed them, which worked well with different shaped cookies.  I did find that it was best to place the cookies on the tray first, then place the tray into the container, rather the putting the tray in first, then putting cookies on it, but I am sure this is a personal thing, to each their own, right.  The important and exciting thing, is that Sweet Stackers are a dream come true for this cookier!

Are you loving Sweet Stackers now?  Well, I have a wonderful offer for you!

Yep, you read that right, for the entire month of December, if you use the coupon code HOLIDAYCOOKIE, at check out at the Sweet Stackers Esty Shop, you will save 15% off your entire purchase, $10 min. order.  OMG...ya'll, now is the time to stock up, I know I will be.

Make sure you head to the Sweet Stacker Facebook Page and show Colleen a little love, tell her Kim, from The Cookie Puzzle said hi!

Sweet Stackers: A Cookier's Dream

More Sweet Stackers are on my list this year, I suggest you put them on yours too, and maybe even purchase some for your cookier friends, your aunt who loves to bake, your neighbor who makes the best donuts, or heck, buy them for yourself, you deserve it!

*I received 2 sets of Sweet Stackers to try, but all opinions and thoughts are my own*
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