Jun 22, 2014

Pieces of My Puzzle 6-22-14

Happy Sunday blogging friends!  It has been more then a month and I thought I should do a Pieces of my Puzzle post.  I write these post to let you know what has been going on in my life, other then blogging.  It has been so long since I did one of these posts because life is all kinds of crazy for me right now.

We are in the home stretch of building our new home.  The furnace and A/C are in.  The hot water heater and water softener are installed.  All the tubs/showers, stools and vanities are in.  We finally got all the flooring installed.  All the walls have finishes on them, as do the ceilings.  All the electrical and plumbing is done.  Two rooms are completely done, the half bath and my cookie/craft room.

When we were planning the layout of our new home.  A cookie room for me was a must.  I wanted it to be close to the kitchen, have a sink and lots of storage.  At that time, I was selling cookies regularly, decorating and baking cookies every week.  Well, things have changed a bit, with being so busy on the new house, I have not been decorating cookies, and have been doing quick dessert recipes and simple crafts.  This leaves me with a bit confused as to how to furnish and layout the room.  One wall has a counter top with a sink in it, with upper cabinets above that.  One wall has just upper cabinets.  I have no idea what to do with the rest of the room.  I am not sure what furniture to buy and place in there.  Should I go with what I envisioned it to be, a cookie room, or go with my current passion, simple desserts and simple crafts?  I think maybe I just get all my supplies in there, get moved in with what I have now, and see what happens when we get moved in and settled.  Tell me about your hobby rooms.  What a MUST HAVES. What do you dream of having and what is not needed.  Help a girl out!

Mr. Cookie Puzzle took the day off yesterday to go to a Kansas City Royals ball game, so we did not work at the new house yesterday.  I used yesterday to officially start packing up our current house.  Collin and I moved 50 plus boxes and several small pieces of furniture to storage.  Most of what I moved were fragile items, so everything needed to packed carefully.  We packed up Collin's Nutcracker collection and my Snow Buddie Collection.  We also moved my Depression Glass, Milk Glass and my antique canning jars.  I am not sure WHY I have most of these things, well, actually, I am not sure why I have SO MANY of these things.  Does anyone NEED 12 Two-Quart Blue Canning Jars?  I think a lot of things will not be making a showing in the new house.  Dusting is way overrated and I have decided to keep things simple and minimal in the new house.

So...the building of the new house is starting come to a finish, although there is still much to do before we can finally move in, all those little things take time.  We are starting the process of packing up our current house, which we have been in for 16+ years.  I work full time, Mr. Cookie Puzzle runs a business.  I am blogging when I can, which is getting less and less.  So I think I might start doing a few post about the new house.  There are some "problems" with decor that I need help with, decorating is NOT MY THING.  So, I might ask ya'll for some input.

TV....well...I have not had much time for that lately.  When I do have a spare minute to watch anything, it has been 24-Live Another Day, and re-runs of The Big Bang Theory, because, well, Jack and Sheldon make me happy.

I did get these made last week, they are simple and 
yummy and have been a part of my daily diet!
You can read all about them HERE!

Party in Your PJs Weekly Link Party, is slowly gaining a following.
Melissa of Simply Sweets by Honeybee and I are having fun
running this party.  We have both found some wonderful blogs
to follow.  I have to confess though, I get a little depressed that it
has not gained a big following.  I join a LOT of link parties each week, 
so of them have hundreds of followers each week.  How do you 
achieve that?  What makes you want to join a link party?
There are many parties out there, what makes you join some
and pass on others.  Do you like BIG ones or Small ones?
Is Pinning important to you?  What about sharing on FB and G+?
Do you like seeing lots of features or just a few.
Could you help a sister out?  What I am asking is what can we
do to grow our party?
On that note, you still have time to join this weeks party, it is open until 
7 PM on Wednesday.  Just click HERE to join!
We would love to have you, and if you could, would you
tell your friends?  Would you consider putting us on your
Link Party List?  
Thanks so much!

So...there you go...Pieces of my Puzzle....what I have been up to....what has been keeping me busy...what life if like behind the scenes.

Until next time

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