Feb 23, 2014

Pieces of My Puzzle 2-23-14

Another week has come and gone.  I am so happy to have sunlight for longer and warmer temperatures.  I have put away my Columbia Omni Heat coat, and moved to a lighter weight jacket. This makes me happy.
While I am sure we will have more cold days,  I think the snow is done for the year.  WOOT WOOT!

This has been another rough week for me, crazy busy at work, which causes me to want to do nothing when I get home.  Thankfully my husband is ok with frozen pizza for dinner, for a night or two #wifefail #supportivehusband!

So...Friday it happened!  I had a Senior Parent Meeting!  WOW...talk about a slap of reality!  Collin will be graduating on May 18th!  This done got real!  We got all the details for the 8 gazillion activites the Seniors have to participate in.  In the span of two weeks they have Senior Activity Day, Senior Awards Night, Baccalaureate, Graduation Practice, Senior Brunch, Graduation and Project Graduation. We are also planning a small celebration for Collin in the middle of all of this.  I was thinking I was going to get to purchase a cake for it, but Collin was not having that...I have to make cookies.  Ugghh!  I am praying that Autism goes to bed, and Collin can make it through all of this!  The Senior Parents are in charge of the Project Graduation, and some how I ended up on the Price Committee.  Not sure that how...but I am so, for the next few months, I will be out and about begging for prizes.  Thankfully, they have letter for me to hand out, and a list of companies who have donated in the past.  So..bottom line is...if I am MIA..you know why.

The Olympics have come and are just about gone.  While I had it on most nights....I can not say I was glued to all of it.  I am ready for my regular shows to start up again.

Grey's Anatomy starts on Thursday!  So many questions!  Who does April choose, Matthew or Jackson?  Why is the President calling Derick?  What happened to Alex's Dad?  Will Bailey get treatment for her OCD?  What will happen to Callie and Arizona?  AND...what about the Twisted Sisters, Meredith and Cristina?  Can they find their way back to one another?

Scandal is back too!  This has to be my favorite show on television. When will Fitz find out about Olivia's mom?  Olivia's mom, who she thought was dead, but found out was alive, thought she was a "good guy", helped her excape her evil dad, only to find out her mom is the evil one, and her dad is the good guy.  What the heck is going on with Quinn?  Has she gone to the dark side?  I hope not, because I want to see her and Huck together.  Cyrus....oh Cyrus, he is just crazy...I think Mellie did it to him.  Mellie is all kinds of WACKADOODLE!!  Now Sally has done gone and killed her husband....talk about crazy in Washington DC!  WOW!

I need a book to read.  I finished my last book, and have been with out my nightly reading for about a week.  Collin has started reading "The Hobbit", he wants me to read it too, but honestly, I am not sure I will like it.  Not sure why, I just never thought it was "my thing"  Have you read it?  Would I like it?  Should I give it a try?  Do you have a book you can recommend.  I really like reading book series, I like following characters over several books.

So...that is about that...this week on the blog I was pretty quiet...one post...#bloggerfail #sorryihavealifeoutsidemyblog

Cookie Dough for Eating

Until next time...tomorrow I hope!


  1. Graduation is a busy time! My Autistic Son graduated about 2 years ago, and everything was wonderful. =)
    What kinds of books do you like? If you like romance, have you tried Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove series? She writes "clean" romances, and this series has a little bit of mystery!

    1. Thank you so much Melissa...I just downloaded 15 Lighthouse Road on my iPad....I can not wait to start reading it. It sounds like it will be a book and series I will like....right up my alley...you know me well my friend.

    2. I think you will really like the Cedar Cove series! The first book is 16 Lighthouse Road, and each book gets better and better!
      Have you read any books by Debbie Macomber?

    3. Oh yeah...16 Lighthouse Road...not 15....opps. No, I have not read any of her books, I have been reading Harry Potter and Percy Jackson books along with Collin for years..time for me to read some books for ME for a change. I will leave him to The Hobbit and read these...I don't get to read nearly as much as I want to. Thanks for the suggesting it to me


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