Jan 26, 2014

Pieces of my Puzzle 1-26-14

Happy Sunday!

I wanted to start off by apologizing for being so sparse here.

Life...well...it is crazy here at The Cookie Puzzle.

So....what has been going on?

Well...this week, I posted some really
cute mini Farm Animal cookies.

After receiving the mini cookie cutters for 
Christmas 2012, I am happy how they
turned out, and to get them off my bucket list.
Do you have a bucket list?
I do....and it is so long, I am not sure I will ever get to it.

I have been really enjoying joining Link Parties lately,
and this week, I was honored to be featured in not
one, but TWO link parties.

These little bites of yumminess were featured at 

Do you like link parties, I do, I love them.
They are a great way to gain blog traffic.
They are a great way to meet amazing new blog friends.
AND... you can find wonderful new blogs to follow!

To see a list of blog link parties I join, click Here.
If you host a link party, or join one that I don't, please let me
know...one can never Link Party too much!

Ok...now....I want to share something with you.

I try to keep my personal life, well, personal, but
my personal life has been preventing me
from blogging and baking like I normally do.

I have been working on a BIG PROJECT!

The biggest project I have ever taken on in my life.

I would say it has consumed every weekend since

Wanna know what it is?

Well...here is a little hint.

Then this happened.

Then this happened!

Have you figured it out?

My family is building a new house!

And by WE...I me...WE!

We contracted the concrete, framing and roof, but
most of everything else is US!

Well..we are having a little help from close friends,
but most of what is being done is being done
with our own hands.

So most weekends, I am yielding a hammer
in place of a whisk.

So....if I am MIA for a bit..
I have not disappeared...I am just a little

I work a full time job, and have 2 days to
try to work on the house, bake recipes, take pictures,
edit pictures, write blog posts, join blog parties

Sorry..please don't take it personally,
I still love you...and still love baking and blogging.

I am not sure how much of the new
house I will be sharing here, maybe
a little update here and there, but
I don't want to chronicle the whole
process here, this is a baking blog, right.

AND...we have a pretty distinct taste in house styles.

When people see it, we get mixed reactions.

If you follow me on Pinterest my
House Ideas, will give you a gimps of our decorating
and design taste.

So...there you go

that is what I have been up to.

Until next time



  1. How exciting!!!!!! Baking blog or not, I hope you share your progress along the way. Miss you!!!!!!!!!

  2. No wonder I've noticed a flood of decorating ideas on your Pinterest boards! That's so awesome Kim, I hope you'll share TONS more pictures with us. What an exciting adventure you're on! I can't wait to see the finished house and all the fun stuff you've added to make it your own.


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