Sep 4, 2013

Donut Cookies

Happy Belated Labor Day.
With the passing of Labor Day, many Kids are heading back to school.
Here in the Mid West, we have been in school for a while.
In fact, Collin went back to school on
August 19th.
In fact, Collin started his
in school on August 19th.
Did you read that?
While I would like to tell you that
I was OK, that I did not cry like a baby,
that would, in fact, be a lie.
I woke Collin up for school that morning and he said to me,
"Good Morning, Mom, today is my last first day of school."
And I cried, and cried,
and then hide in the bathroom and cried some more.
Then I took him to school, and cried.
Then I drove to work and cried.
It was a rough day for me.
I made it though the day, and it is getting easier,
but there are still moments when it gets to me.
Now...onto the donut cookies.

A few weeks before school started, I got an email from a member
of the PTO, they asked if I would like to donate cookies to the
back to school breakfast for the teachers and staff, the
Thursday before school started.
Of course I said YES!
When I asked what they wanted, I was told,

"Whatever, they just love your cookies" I wanted, great.
I will do apples...with "Welcome Back " on them,
easy enough.
Then, when I told Collin about me making
cookies for the Back to School Breakfast,
I was told I had a change in plans.
Collin simply looked at me and said
"Apple?  It is a BREAKFAST, they need donut cookies.  You eat
Donuts for breakfast, not apples"
I should have known that, silly me.
Then Collin told me that I would make blue and white
Donut cookies, because the school colors were blue and white.
Fine, I got it.
But, as I explained before, we live in the middle of
NO WHERE, and Collin and I looked all over the place,
and could not find blue jimmies, for the cookies.
No problem, Collin said I cold use blue sanding sugar.
While they looked good while we were decorating them, once they
dried, we both decided that jimmies are better,
so we made chocolate donuts with rainbow jimmies.
Then we decided that they both looked good,
so we packed them up, and send both of them.
Then, we delivered them to the school the morning of the
breakfast, and I cried some more.
Collin just looked at me and said
"This is going to be a whole year of you crying, right mom?"
Yes is.
Until next time



  1. These are adorable...good choice in doing donuts over much more fun!

  2. Awww. I'm sure it's so hard to deal with this being Collin's last year of school but y'all will get through it and there will be so many new adventures waiting for the two of you when he is done. I'm totally obsessed with donuts. I can eat my weight in them. I need to try donut cookies. They look so yummy! Great job!

  3. Great!!! I loved these cookies..

    Did you make them with basic sugar dough?

    Excuse my english, Im brasilian cookie lover... Tks,

  4. These look delicious! =)
    You did a wonderful job!


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