Oct 1, 2012

Sometimes you feel like a nut....

Happy October Cookie Peeps!
It's the first of the month....and that means it is time
for another "Inspiration Challenge"
with my two favorite ladies
Melissa of
Stephanie of
Can I tell you...I just love these ladies
They Challenge me each and every
month, and I have come to look forward
to joining them.  If you have not
checked them out..you should!
So...this month the theme was
Ohhh...I love me some candy!

It was not too hard for me to decide
what candy to do

I kinda love chocolate

So...I made Almond Joys!

And I LOVE how they turned out!

The Wrapper was HUGE, but I did that on purpose
wanting to get all the details, but in the end...I just could not get
the glaze to cooperate with me...so the tiny details on the bottom
are not there..sorry!
The candy themselves were super easy to make...wanna see?
I started with an oval cookie..then kinda squished it into
the shape I wanted, then took small pieces of dough
and shape it into an almond shape, then damped them
with a little water to attach them before baking.
I then made some chocolate colored glaze, and placed the
cookies on a cooling rack, on a sheet pan and
spooned the glaze over the cookies.
Then used my off set spatula to guide it down the sides
Making sure all the sides were covered!

When they were completely covered,

 I gave the pan a good shake, and tap, to even the glaze out.
I then let them dry overnight, and used a sharp knife to pop them
off the cooling rack.

These were fun to do..and I think I will be making them again. Almond Joys are my
mom's favorite candy bar!  When I was young and still trick-or-treating, she would
steal all my almond joys...but that is OK...I still love her!
Make sure you head over to
see the cookies that
Stephanie made Here
and the ones
Melissa made Here!
Melissa is hosting a link up on her blog, so if you have
made candy cookies in past, make sure
to link them up at her site!
They are amazing.
Thank you ladies for the Inspiration...and I can not wait until next month
the theme is
"Show Me Your State"!
I can not wait...and already have plans!


  1. Kim these are fantastic!! I had to laugh, because I also took Almond Joy's from my kids Halloween candy. Maybe your Mom and I are "soul" sisters. LOLOL Great job!!!

  2. Yum, I love it Kim! I thought I was looking at the actual candy that you were using as comparison, your cookie looks so real! I never had Almond Joys growing up. Was it because no one in my neighborhood gave them out? No, apparently it's my dad's favorite, too....

  3. Kim, these are awesome! I love how you did the "almonds" - I thought for sure they were actually nuts! Looking forward to my kids' Halloween haul - one doesn't like nuts, and the others don't like coconut...so all the Almond Joys are mine!

  4. AWESOME Kim! They look perfect! I love Almond Joys too. Good thing my kid hates coconut. Momma gets ALL the Almond Joys at Halloween. Muhahahaha


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