Jul 3, 2012

Cookies for a very special young lady

Do you have a Doodlebug?

Do you know what a Doodlebug is?

Let me tell you, a Doodlebug is very very special to me....I have had it for 24 years...normal "bugs" are all creepy and crawly and just gross...but a DOODLEBUG, well it is just special.

Wanna see mine?

Isn't she the cutest?  This is my niece Robyn, well, actually, this is my niece Robyn when she was 2!

She was born when I was 15, and was MINE!  Well, actually she is my sisters, SHE is the one who carried her for nine months during one of the hottest summers in history, and SHE was the one in labor for 32 hours...but those are minor details....have a cute little niece at the age of 15 pretty much made my life complete!    I would totally "steal" her and keep her all the time, I would dress her up and fix her hair, and pretend she was mine...but then my sister would show up...and remind me that SHE had given birth to Robyn, so by default, Robyn was hers...but whatever...I knew the truth!

So...fast forward through the years...and Robyn has grown into an AMAZING young women, I could not be more proud of her.  She is beautiful (she gets that from me), smart (I guess my sister has alot to do with that) and confident young lady!

Wanna see a grown up Doodlebug?

This is Robyn at her college graduation...yes that is a cute dress and necklace...and yes..those are cowboy boots she has on!  Robyn graduated with a Degree in Animal Science from the University of Missouri in 3 1/2 years...like I said...my girl is smart.  She graduated in December and started graduate school in January....my girl has her stuff together!

Wanna know her animal of choice?

Here...let me give you a few hints....

Robyn's College Graduation Cap!

Robyn's Halloween Pumpkins

Robyn's "babies"

Have you figured it out yet?  COWS!  Robyn is studying Animal Science/Ruminant Nutrition in grad school!  So she pretty much loves all things COWS...but not Dairy, black and white cows....oh no...my girl is all about the Beef Cow...specifically HEREFORDS, in her opinion the best cows ever!

So..Robyn's birthday was yesterday, and I knew I need to make her special cookies, so I asked my the question on my Facebook page...what cookies should I make for a special young lady....and this is what Robyn responded with...

I hear Hereford steers are a way to any girls heart :)"

So...I went to work...I had to make Hereford Steers....but frankly...I am not that good with animals...faces are a real struggle for me...and do you know how hard it is to find "cow" cookie cutters with out utters?  Thank god for my mom..who loves to shop and found me one!

She here are Robyn's Hereford Steers!

So....I was not real happy with how the cows turned out, so I wanted to do other cookies for Robyn as well....so...I did Boots...because, Robyn pretty much lives in boot..heck she wore boots to her college graduation.

Robyn ordered these super cute boots and I used them for inspiration!

Then...because her name is ROBYN..I had to make her ROBINS...DUH

And then...because it was her birthday...and I was making cookies...I HAD to make Cupcake Cookies!

Happy Birthday Robyn!

Because it is MY blog..and I am in control...I thought I would share a few more pictures of Robyn..cause she is soo darn cute!

Robyn feeding a calf!
Robyn with baby deer!
Robyn in Australia
Robyn Turkey hunting
Me (short haired and glasses), my sister Susan, and Robyn at the KC Royals Game!
My sister Susan and Robyn...at an MU tailgate.  My sister is a master tailgater!

Here she is in Australia, petting a kangaroo, with a Coach Purse!

Happy Birthday Robyn

I am so proud of you!



Aunt Kimmie


  1. What an adorable post Kim! Love your doodlebug. She's so pretty and obviously smart and accomplished! You (ok and your sister too) did a great job in raising such a great kid. Love all the animal photos with Robyn. I could have done without the hunting one ;-) but loved all the others! Congratulations on your graduation Robyn! LOVE all the cookies Kimmie! Excellent job!

  2. Aww she's my kind of girl! I too went to school for Animal Science(dropped out and got married... doh!) and I used to show cows in high school at the livestock shows. Of course I love Santa Gertrudis cows instead of Herefords. I thought I was the only cow lovin girl out there. LOL I hope she has a great birthday!


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