Jun 10, 2012

Playing with a new cookie cutter

I did not grow up canning...I don't remember my mom ever doing it, or my grandma, but I remember my grandma had a root cellar...but for the life of me, I can not remember what was in there.  I remember it was on the side of her house, it was buried under a small hill, and the top was covered with "hen and chicks"..it that the name of those cute little flowers...or am I just imaging  that...hmmmm I will have to ask my sister...she will know...but I do remember that my cousins and I just KNEW there was a monster living under there...I mean really...it was UNDER GROUND...it was dark...I don't think it had a light...and the door was really heavy...it would be the perfect place for a monster to live...don't you think...I mean, if I was  monster...I would choose a home like that.

Anyhoo...sided tracked...sorry :)

So....I did not grow up canning...but later in life..I kinda became obsessed with making jams and jelly..I would make jars and jars each summer...I would come home from work, and there would be boxes and baskets of fruit that people had left for me...with a note saying..."Just give me a jar of the finished jelly!"  I pretty much stuck with fruit jellies..strawberry, peach, apple and blackberry jelly...as well as tons of apple butter...and then my Aunt Bonnie shared her super secret zucchini relish, and I made tons of that!

SOOO....if you make a lot of jelly....you need lots of jars...so I started collecting jars...I am not sure if you have shopped for jars...but they are EXPENSIVE if you buy them knew. But the good thing about jars....is that if you take care of them...they last FOREVER.  So I put the word out...and people started buying me jars and yard sales, auctions, estate sales..you can find used jars at pennies on the dollar.

My favorite jars are the old blue mason jars!  They are sooo pretty, and blue is my favorite color!  Right now...I would say I have a couple hundred blue mason jars...I have all different sizes, some with the zinc lids and some with the glass lids.  Now...these jars are just for decoration...I don't can in them..I use them to store stuff in...I have a jars of old buttons...old marbles...sanding sugar, I have used them for vases....I just love them.


Sorry  I just love mason jars....so when I saw the Mason Jar cutters at Copper Gifts ...I just KNEW I had to have one...but I could not stop and one...I bought two...and they have a third one...and I will buying that one too..I have to...I will simple die without it...I am sure of it.

So, I bought the two cutters...and had fun playing this weekend playing with them...for my first run..I went simple...simple, plain, pure mason jars....and I love the way they turned out!

I am still playing with how to get the tops to look just right...I did a couple of techniques...and used a couple of products...but I think I need to play some more.

So here you go...my Mason Jar cookies.....sorry....I took a million pictures...I like them all....so sit back and enjoy!


  1. They turned out really nice. You forgot your obsession between canning and cookie cutters! Cupcakes and buying every wrapper and sprinkles available :)

  2. Okay...several things, lol. I really wish I'd paid more attention to my Nanny when she canned, but I always ran outside when I saw the canner come out. That only meant one thing, WORK!

    As for jars I love them too. I have exactly ONE blue one and it's a treasure. I wish Ball would go back to that, you know kinda like a throwback thing...

    Anywho, I love these cookies!!!

  3. Fantastic job on these cookies Kim! I LOVE that people would leave you fruit and ask for a jar of the jelly. That is so cute and fun! So where exactly do you store all these jars?????? At least the cookie version will be eaten up quickly and you won't have to find room to store them ;-)

  4. I'm so behind on commenting on blogs I love. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these cookies! I used to be a purple gal but now my favorite color is blue especially light blues. I love the blue glass. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for some of these at the antique shops. I totally agree with Callye that Ball needs to do a throwback and start making blue jars again. I would so use them for my drinking glasses. I can't wait to see what other cookies you have up your sleeves. I definitely see this cutter in my near future :).

  5. They are wonderful! Love them. Brings back lots of memories. :)

  6. I love your cookies. I just broke down and bought this cutter myself. I like how you got the Ball impression, how DID you do that?? Jeannie

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